Eleven Plus Tutors

It is possible to prepare your child for the Eleven Plus exam, however choosing a tutor may be the option many parents will consider.

For some parents it may be a surprise to discover that children are tutored for the Eleven Plus Exam as there has been claims that preparation for the test is unnecessary, which many parents are taking at face value.

Parents will hire a tutor for their child simply because they may not have the time to tutor their child, others may have the time and the patience although they may not have the correct skills and expertise to correctly mentor their child.
Other parents believe that their child may not learn anything because they are being taught by their parents.

However, our solution at Tuition Academy is regular tutoring sessions and maybe a holiday tuition course.
This should help a child be more motivated about their education, essentially their future – our qualified tutors will provide your child with not only clear instruction about the Eleven Plus Exam, and help them be more relaxed about it, they will boost the confidence in your child and will be able to provide that one to one tutoring session so to ensure your child understands what they are being taught.

Only you will be able to assess your child’s performance and decide whether they need a tutor.
At Tuition Academy, we aim to guide you in choosing a suitable tutor for your child and help them achieve. Please visit our website for more information about our tutoring courses!